Visitors to Bocas del Toro can enjoy a day trip unlike anything available in the archipelago. Charter the mothership for a day of unforgettable fishing from a state-of-the-art kayak. 

Our custom-built mothership and fleet of fully equipped Hobie Outback fishing kayaks are available for memorable day trips.

Day-trip kayak fishing adventure

Be at the Home Dock before sunrise for coffee and a light breakfast snack, then board the mothership to cruise to your fishing destination. Once you are comfortable on your fully equipped kayak, the mothership will discreetly hang back to offer assistance on demand.

We pack healthy snacks to keep you going and sufficient cold water to keep you hydrated. Back at Home Dock, an ice-cold local beer will be waiting.

The itinerary is flexible and will be discussed with clients beforehand.

What´s included

Fishing from sunrise to mid-day

Fully equipped Hobie Outback fishing kayak as described on our Equipment page

Rod/reel combo with line and leader

Mothership support

VHF radio

Early morning coffee and breakfast snack

Snacks and water on kayak/mothership

National beer, coffee, and filtered water at home dock

Wi-fi at home dock

Mothership crew and fuel costs

Terminal tackle

Lures can be bought from our in-house tackle shop – we carry a small but specific assortment of lures suited to our local fishery.


Group sizePrice per person
1 person$450
2 people$265
3 people$200
4 people$170

Come and blend hardcore kayak fishing with our Caribbean vibe
for an unforgettable adventure holiday experience!

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