Bocas Kayak Fishing is a family owned and managed business. That means you get the best attention, all the time – from the first email through to the last sunset docking.

We are ready to welcome you in Bocas.

  • The first and only kayak fishing operation in Panama’s Caribbean side
  • Located in the incredibly beautiful Bocas del Toro archipelago – most call it paradise!
  • 100% dedicated to kayak fishing
  • Our ethos challenges the angler’s skill
  • Home Dock is conveniently located in the center of the archipelago
  • Rod rental service available
  • Selection of lures, lines and hooks available from our in-house tackle shop
  • Fully equipped Hobie Outbacks in tip-top condition
  • The coolest mothership to ensure comfort, safety and security
  • 4 anglers maximum – no fishing in a crowd!
  • Fishing starts at dawn
  • Luxury accommodation – no bunking! **
  • Personal attention from the responsive team
  • Handheld VHF radio rental available if you don’t have your own
  • Crew is focused on safety

**Not applicable to Day Trips

One of the biggest advantages of our fishing adventures is the small size of the groups we host. A group of 4 like-minded people quickly forms a supportive bond. You can enjoy a low-testosterone environment where the thrill of a Tarpon hook-up is shared by all. If you don’t arrive as a group of angling friends, you will definitely depart as friends.

Panama, as well as our archipelago in Bocas, are easily accessible and serviced by several major carriers. The country is safe, the people are chill, the currency is the US dollar and the local beer is cheap. The citizens of most countries enjoy visa free entry, making your departure planning even easier.

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Come and blend hardcore kayak fishing with our Caribbean vibe for an unforgettable adventure holiday experience!


Below are the most common questions asked by our clients, if you have more questions please feel free to contact us

Do we fish every day? (5-Day 4-Night Adventure)

Your fishing holiday includes two days of fishing, the remainder of the time is yours to explore the Bocas del Toro archipelago at your leisure. On the fishing days we board the mothership before sunrise to have the kayaks and anglers on the water at first light – the best time to catch Tarpon.

How long do we fish each day?

We spend about 7 hours on the water each day. We are not restricted by tides since Bocas has a mean tidal range of only 0.24m (9.4 in) and a weak tidal flow. Instead, the mothership departs from Home Dock before sunrise so that anglers can be ready for the Tarpon when the sun rises. We get back to home dock at noon.

For interest’s sake, the maximum tidal range is 0.64m (2 ft 1 in).

Can I take a day off fishing? (5-Day 4-Night Adventure)

Of course. If you can let us know the day before (or earlier) it will be appreciated so that we don’t pack/load unnecessary equipment. . On such off time you can explore our archipelago, visit some of the renowned tourist attractions or simply chill on a pretty beach. We will gladly supply information if needed.

I’m a novice, will I be alright in a kayak? And what about seniors?

We can assist both novices and seniors, but you need a minimum level of fitness. If you are fit enough to ride a bike and comfortable in the water, you should be okay.

If you have special needs, please discuss this with us beforehand.

Will the crew on the mothership assist me?

The crew launches the kayaks and assists you with getting onto the kayaks and back onto the mothership. Thereafter the mothership discreetly shadows the anglers and the crew will assist whenever they can – from cold drinking water to taking photos.

Can I use live bait?

Although we encourage anglers to use artificial lures, you can use live bait if you prefer, provided you catch your own baitfish from the kayak. We will supply tackle and know-how, but do not have live wells on the boat or on the kayaks.

Do I have to bring a marine handheld VHF radio?

No need to, we have these available for each angler.

Do you cater for fly fishing?

Of course, fly fishermen are most welcome but they need to bring their own tackle.

Is the beer at Home Dock really free?

Indeed! We make sure we have enough Balboa and that it is ice cold. Nothing like a cold beer after a kayak fishing session in the tropics! These are meant for consumption at Home Dock and may not be taken off site. Coffee and filtered water are also available for free.

Is your home dock safe for storing my gear?

Yes, you can store your gear at Home Dock. You can safely store personal belongings also, if not stored at the hotel.

How far is the hotel from your home dock? (5-Day Adventures)

It is literally in sight, a short 300m walk.

What fishing tackle do you supply? What must I bring?

5-Day Adventure:

You can rent rods from us. The cost is $15 per rod for the adventure. We use tried and tested brands with enough backbone to tame a Tarpon. When you book your adventure, we will discuss detailed specs as well as pairing suggestions. Clients are of course more than welcome to bring their own rods.

Clients bring their own reels, lines, leader lines and terminal tackle. We will supply you with a list of suggestions to give you the best chance of success.

Day Trips:

A single rod/reel combo spooled with braid is included, but clients must bring their own lures or buy lures from our in-house selection. Clients are however welcome to bring their own rods/reels if they prefer.

Do you sell any tackle?

We carry a small but specific assortment of tackle suited to our local fishery. You can buy our selection of line, leader line, lures and hooks from our in-house tackle shop.

What type of kayaks do you have?

We maintain a fleet of Hobie Outback fishing kayaks. These fine-tuned angling vessels are super stable, highly versatile, fast, quiet and exceedingly nimble. The dual steering system (left- and righthand side) makes steering effortless.

Our Outbacks are powered by the MirageDrive propulsion system, the most advanced pedal system available, leaving your hands free for fishing. More specifically, it’s the MirageDrive 180 with Turbo Fins, with forward or backward motion.

What kayak gear must I bring?

The kayaks are very well equipped, as described on the Equipment page. You could consider bringing your own PFD if you are worried about comfort. If you want to bring your fish finder you will have to also bring fittings for an over-the-side configuration. In terms of small tools, you probably want to bring your favorite fishing line cutter.

How do I make a booking?

Just use the inquiry form on our Contact page and we will take the conversation from there.

If you have questions, you can chat to us on WhatsApp +507 6341 8711, or look for the Messenger icon in the footer.

What is the minimum and maximum number for a group?

There is no minimum but we do max at 4 anglers – no fishing in a crowd.

Will somebody take a picture of my catch?

We encourage clients to bring their own Go Pros and share their footage, as we supply a Scotty camera mount with boom and slip disc. Having said that, the crew on the mothership try their best to capture video footage and/or photos.

What should I pack for clothing?

For fishing, cotton is not recommended. Instead, pack lightweight, breathable, synthetic materials like woven polyester that is quick drying. Look for clothes that offer good sun protection. Some fishing tackle shops and kayak dealers have these in stock. Remember the water booties if you don’t want wet sneakers. A good quality hat and sunglasses are essential.

For your time on shore, lightweight cotton material – short sleeve shirts and shorts – is just fine. The days and evenings are hot and humid so lightweight is key. And flip flops are the standard footwear.

What happens in the case of a medical emergency?

We try and prevent an emergency before the need to manage one. Wearing a PFD with a whistle and marine VHF while flying a safety flag on the kayak, is the start. A properly equipped mothership with a safety-minded crew follows.

In the event of an emergency, the mothership can get you to our home dock quickly. Bocas Town boasts a brand-new hospital with very good facilities. In more urgent cases, you can be airlifted to Panama City, where world-class care is available.

Although medical care in Panama is affordable, it is advisable to buy travel insurance for the duration of your stay.

How can somebody contact me in case of an emergency?

If you have international roaming or a local sim card, people can phone you directly.  If you opt for a local sim card, remember to give your temporary number to family and friends – remember the +507 country code for Panama. If you are not reachable, people can contact Home Dock on our mobile number or on WhatsApp.

What are my expenses in Panama City? (5-Day 4-Night Adventures)

The expenses in Panama City you should budget for include transport between the airport and hotel, accommodation, meals and entertainment.

If you use Uber for a ride to your hotel in the city, budget for about $25. We can refer an English- speaking driver to meet and greet you at the airport, for approximately $40.

Regarding accommodation, we strongly recommend that you stay in the El Cangrejo area. It has a good variety of restaurants and supermarkets within walking distance and is close to the Metro. Above all, the places that we recommend in El Cangrejo are good value for money and best suited for your transit to Allbrook Airport. Prices vary from $45 to $80 per night, depending on your preference. We will supply you with three recommendations. Please be aware that our designated driver only collects clients from the three recommended hotels – if you do book elsewhere, you will have to meet him at one of the three hotels on the Sunday morning of your departure to Bocas.

What is your recommendation about tipping?

We suggest a tip of 10% to 15% of the package fee, which is shared amongst staff and our network of local fishermen. If you prefer, a tip can be added in advance for payment by credit card.

Will I have Wi-Fi and mobile coverage?

Yes. Bocas has good mobile coverage with only occasional downtime. You will have free Wi-fi at both your hotel and Home Dock.

Ask your service provider about their international plans, or simply buy a pre-paid sim card in Panama. WhatsApp is the popular choice for communication in Panama and we suggest that you download the app before your visit (you will need data or Wi-fi for WhatsApp).

What is the weather like?

The temperature in Bocas del Toro varies so little throughout the year that it is not entirely meaningful to discuss hot and cold seasons. The temperature typically varies from 23°C to 30°C (73°F to 86°F).

Cloud coverage can be summarized as follows: 20% of the time it is clear, 20% is overcast and the remaining 60% varies between most clear to mostly cloudy.

The rainy season runs from May to November, with a 60% chance of rain during this period. July has the highest rainfall with an average of 240mm (9.5 in).

The length of the day in Bocas del Toro does not vary substantially over the course of the year, staying within 40 minutes of 12 hours throughout. Sunrise varies between 06h10 and 06h50.

Bocas has high humidity throughout the year. The northerly trade winds blow from December to March, the remainder of the year is fairly calm in terms of wind.

The sea water temperature varies little: between 27°C and 29°C (81°F and 84°F).

Panama lies outside the so-called hurricane belt.

Is there an ATM in Bocas Town?

Yes, there are three ATMs. you can withdraw cash with Visa and MasterCard credit- and debit cards.

Are there good restaurants in and around Bocas Town?

Absolutely! You are spoilt for choice with a good variety of restaurants in town, a couple on nearby Carenero Island (a $1 water taxi ride away), and a few outside of town (a $4 road taxi trip). For a feel and taste of the local scene, with impressive value for money, we can make recommendations.

Can I pay with my credit card at restaurants and bars?

Yes, most of the larger restaurants accept credit cards. The smaller eateries operated by locals generally require cash payment. Most bars require a bill of $10 or more for credit card payments.

Can I bring my partner? (5-Day 4-Night Adventures)

Of course! If you wish, we will arrange the same airport transfer, flight ticket to Bocas and local transfer for your partner. Just send us an email and enquire about costs.

What can my partner do while I am fishing?

Bocas has much to offer, from relaxing on a beautiful beach to visiting an indigenous village. Here are a few options:

  • Red Frog Beach
  • Zipline Canopy Tour
  • Boca del Drago and Starfish Beach
  • Bird Island
  • Paunch Beach
  • Bluff Beach
  • Snorkeling and island visits (Cayo Coral and Zapatilla Islands)
  • Monkey Island
  • Indigenous village visit
  • Chocolate farm tour
What is the currency in Panama?

The short answer is the US dollar.

Here is the full answer: Panama’s official currency is the balboa. The rate of exchange for the balboa has always been tied to the US dollar—one balboa equals one dollar. Panama does not, however, print its own paper currency and instead uses the US dollar as legal tender. Panamanian coins come in 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50-cent pieces.

In which time zone is Panama?

Panama’s time is UTC-5 and the country does not have daylight saving.

Do I need a visa for Panama?

Probably not. The citizens of most countries can enter visa free (that is a 90-day tourist visa upon arrival, 180 days for USA and Canada citizens). If you are unsure, send us an email and we will confirm for you.

Where do I fly in? (5-Day 4-Night Adventures)

You will likely touch down at Tocumen Airport (IATA: PTY), about 20km (about 13 miles) outside Panama City.

Is it easy to clear immigration and customs in Panama? (5-Day 4-Night Adventures)

Yes, both are straight forward. As for customs, we will send you useful tips about packing your fishing tackle. Although customs officials are used to anglers visiting the country, you can prevent unnecessary hassles by using our guidelines.

How do I get from the airport to my hotel? (5-Day 4-Night Adventure)

Taxis are always available as you exit the airport building, they charge between $25 and $35. We would however recommend the use of Uber. Uber will be cheaper and all-round better than the standard taxis. If you wish, we can arrange for an English-speaking driver to meet and greet, it will cost between $40 and $50.

Why do I need to fly in and fly out a day before and after my fishing adventure? (5-Day 4-Night Adventure)

Let’s answer the question in two parts – arrival and departure.

Arrival: your flight from Allbrook Airport to Bocas is scheduled for 09h00, checking in at 08h00. These flights are generally fully booked and if your flight into Tocumen is delayed, and you miss your Bocas flight, you will probably not reach Bocas for another day or maybe two.

Departure: your flight back to Panama City is scheduled for 10h00, arriving at Allbrook about 11h00. If your flight out of Panama is 15h00 or later, you might consider a same-day departure. With typical airline delays and having to travel between two airports, we would instead recommend a next day departure.

Do I need vaccinations for Panama? (5-Day 4-Night Adventure)

No. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there are no vaccinations required for Panama. If you enter from a country where yellow fever is prevalent, you might be asked to show your “yellow card” – proof of your yellow fever vaccination.

What health and safety protocols do you follow?

We are fortunate to be a low-density operator in terms of the number of people we have onboard at any time. We take our cue from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and have implemented policies and procedures we deem necessary to deliver a safe experience.

Come and blend hardcore kayak fishing with our Caribbean vibe
for an unforgettable adventure holiday experience!

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