We maintain a fleet of Hobie Outback fishing kayaks. These fine-tuned angling vessels are super stable, highly versatile, fast, quiet and exceedingly nimble. The dual steering system (left- and righthand side) makes steering effortless.

Our Outbacks are powered by the MirageDrive propulsion system, the most advanced pedal system available, leaving your hands free for fishing. More specifically, it’s the MirageDrive 180 with Turbo Fins, with forward or backward motion available by simply pulling a toggle.

Each of our Outbacks is equipped with the following accessories:

Vantage CTW 4-way adjustable seat (secured to kayak)
MirageDrive 180 with Turbo Fins (leashed)
Hobie paddle with on-hull storage (leashed)
Chinook PFD
TuffKrate tackle box with 4 mounted rod holders (tied down)
3 x C&K rod leashes
2 x Hobie rod holder extensions
Rapala fish grip, with tether
Strikebait pliers, with tether
RUNCL hook extractor, with tether
Punada knife, with tether
Scotty fishfinder mount
Scotty camera mount with boom and slip disc
YakAttack safety flag with light (leashed)
Standard Horizon handheld VHF radio
ProCase waterproof cellphone case
Water bottle

Now, that is a well-equipped Outback! All that’s needed is for you to put it through its paces.


Our mothership is unlike anything in the kayak fishing industry. Because we value client safety and comfort as well as the safe handling of the kayaks and tackle, we opted for a custom solution.

Bocas Kayak Fishing Mothership

Quicksilver is a 32’ aluminum landing craft with a self-bailing deck, powered by twin Suzuki outboards. Navigation and safety equipment are on USCG standards.

The low and flat gunwale makes interaction between crew and kayaks easy while the bow gate and its safety ladder are quite convenient for those who want to spend a little time in the water before getting on board.

Powerful propulsion means we can reach any corner of our fishery quickly.

Once the anglers are on their kayaks, Quicksilver becomes a safety boat, discreetly shadowing the anglers to assist with any need.

Come and blend hardcore kayak fishing with our Caribbean vibe
for an unforgettable adventure holiday experience!

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